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Who Are We

We are a professional language translation firm that specialises in Human Translation Services with over 200 different language pairs.

Over 37 account managers and 1500 translators and interpreters from our offices around the world are only a click away, ready to fulfil your specific needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many Years Of Experience Of Our Team, Will Help You Quickly And Effectively Solve Your Problem

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Our Mission

DXB Legal Translation in Dubai bridges linguistic gaps and ensures seamless communication within the legal landscape. Our team of expert linguists and legal professionals understands the importance of precision in legal documents, so we translate words accurately while capturing their essence and intent as well.

DXB Legal Translation Services is a leading multilingual translation services provider that offers Legal Translation Service in Dubai. It also provides human translation in over 230 languages, and services in over 6 cities and 3 countries. We provide translation services from English to Arabic, Arabic to English, English to French, French to Arabic, English to Russian, Russian to English, Russian to Arabic, Arabic to Russian, among other languages.

We Are Committed To Take Care Of Clients Seriously

DXB Legal Translation Services facilitates clients with unique translation services in more than 130 languages. Our team of experts maintains strict standards of professionalism and has exceptional etymological and interpersonal abilities to collaborate in the vicinity of two and infrequently more languages.

We at DXB Legal Translation Services

Our mission is to ensure highest level of translation in the shortest span of time

It is our goal to provide you with the best legal translation services with the highest level of accuracy and precision. Our legal translation services are available in a wide range of languages to meet the needs of our clients. DXB provides legal translation services in Dubai for a variety of documents, including business agreements, sales contracts, property contracts, business deals, employee contracts, residential leases, settlement agreements, and other personal legal documents.

As we know that contracts and agreements are mutual promises between two or more parties, these documents require authenticity and precision to meet the aimed goals. DXB provides language proficiency and other services like translation charges in Dubai, fast translation delivery on promised time, accuracy and validity assurance etc. Get in touch with the best legal translation services and place your quote in the hands of language expertise.

DXB Legal Translation Services in Dubai in multiple languages:

  • DXB offers legal translation services for various documents in different languages that are vital for communicating in a better and more efficient way.

  • DXB provides experienced translators who translate legal documents and to a variety of languages. This is whether they are foreign immigration cases, need court interpreting services, or are expanding your business into a market to the targeted onlookers with new legal requirements.

  • DXB offers trained expert translators who can provide bilingual and trilingual translation services without facing complications.

  • DXB offers every type of language translation by its professionally skilled native translators

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